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CheapA Loo

Additional Fees

  • Delivery from $39*
  • Pickup from $39*
  • Servicing from $40*

*Prices dependent on location and frequency. GST Excluded.

Servicing Includes

  • When required, completely empty the waste tank using our fully equipped, purpose built vacuum trucks
  • Add a sanitising sachet to the waste tank and fill with fresh water to activate the sanitiser
  • Refill or top up the water tank with fresh water
  • Restock loo rolls & hand soap dispenser
  • Ensure the hand/foot pumps for both the toilet flush mechanism and hand basin faucet are working properly
  • Wash the interior of the cabin and lightly fragrance the cabin, leaving it clean and fresh


  • Fully self-contained unit
  • Large waste tank capacity (390 litres or approx 800 uses)
  • Built in hand wash basin
  • Soap Dispenser